Between Art & Architecture

At Konos Creative, we are a collection of unique collaborative local architects and designers who design commercial and residential spaces that are rich in aesthetics and crafted to last. We believe that good design is good business, so we put our heart and soul into designing integrated, holistic spaces that are unique expressions of the people who eat, shop, or work there.

Local Architecture and Design Services in Olympia • Tacoma • Bainbridge Island • Everett

Current Projects:

Mischief on Canal

We are currently consulting on the lighting, interior layout, POS configuration and audio/visual components at the Fremont Mischeif Distillery’s new Event Space and Rooftop Cocktail bar “Mischief on Canal” in Fremont Washington.

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Finch Nest – Proposed Residential Upgrade

In Planing stages:  Proposed remodel and expansion of residential property in NW Olympia. The property has a majestic oak tree. The current proposal adds additional living space above the existing house and features a deck to appreciate the beauty of the tree. The primary goal of the family is to…

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Evocative Studio Project

We are currently in the preliminary drawing phase to create a studio and residence designed to be in harmony with the unique contour of the forested Southworth, WA property.

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