This home was designed to inspire the feeling of being inside of a whale similar to classic storybooks. The original Farm House was built in 1902, and remodeled by Lost Arts in 2007. For the second phase of the Tom Walker Farm House remodel, Tom requested the design of a new freestanding 3 car garage, as well as a guesthouse. He had seen a vintage low­sloped garage in the historic town of Port Gamble, and thought the simple shape with its barn­like doors would fit well with his recently remodeled farmhouse. We used his Port Gamble garage image as a point of departure for his new garage, and then designed a guest house using a concept of a barn­like, simple, large volume that would fit well with the existing farmhouse. Tom requested that the new guest house not overpower the original farmhouse, but this would be tricky because the actual square footage of the new house would be larger. The conceptual solution was to shape the new guest house as a barn, which would allow for the larger floor area but would fit more logically in context with the classic farm house which will still dominate the site. This balance will also be emphasized by a new landscape design.