1896 farmhouse, formerly in great disrepair and abandoned;  reinvented and resurrected by Lost Arts in close collaboration with an energetic young couple who are doing all of their own construction in planned, affordable phases.

Previous owner started an ill-conceived remodel of the old house, poured perimeter foundation, ran out of money. Enter Nick and Morgan Rohrbach, owners of Island Built Construction, who hired Lost Arts to help them design a new-old farmhouse that would conform to an existing foundation ‘donated’ by the previous owner and would maintain as much of the original structure as possible but provide more comfortable and open living spaces with better light and flow.

Borrowing from some of the farm style architectural elements of the region, a new exterior was created that refers to rural history, but takes better advantage of the south sun and shows a more handsome face to the street. A good example of a successful collaboration of architect and homeowners/builders who wish to undertake a long term project as their budget allows, but who also understand the importance of beginning with with a well-designed plan. Owners raised existing home several feet to provide new steel reinforced daylight basement office/apartment.